2014. It all started.
Basically its because we love to skate, surf and have a good time. Also we like to create things.
And this is where it came together.
Since our first board, things are growing fast and we found a lot of people who share our passion for DIY, Clothes, Skating, Surfing, Music or to keep it short, what we think is the juice of life.
We print all our clothes ourselves and all our boards are made by our hands. Each of them is a individuell piece of work.
Curly is not a brand. Curly is not a scene. Curly is for everyone. Curly is a lifestyle.
We Don't Skate, We Roll.

This is a CRU! And we want you to be part of it. Just send us your "Scissor Hand" Pic and we upload it.
Keep it sharp.